Pot Scrubber, Natural Sisal Scrubbing Brush With Wooden + Ergonomic Handle, USA made

$ 15.99

Perfect partner for our infamous reusable dispensers and rustic wooden trays!

Natural Sisal Cleaning Brush
Small and yet powerful bristles
All Natural Product, made by hand in the USA
Ergonomic handle
Great for pot scrubbing, dish washing and great for stains on rugs / upholstery
Eco Friendly Pot Scrubber
Beech Wood
Natural Zero Waste Kitchen Accessories
Most of all it's a gorgeous decorative piece for any sink area!
Durable enough to be used on almost any cleaning needs you have!

Do not submerge the scrubber/brush into water for a long period of time and do NOT put in the dishwasher.
After use make sure to air dry with bristles facing downward and handle upwards. This will allow water to drain out, instead of into the wood.
Can clean with a mild soap, just ensure to try afterwards to prevent bacteria from forming

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