Kitchen Gifts & Kitchen Decor - Handmade Spoon Rests + Wooden Spoon With Ribbon & Tag

$ 25.00

2 NEW Wooden Spoon Quotes Added!
1) Original: Cooking Up Spoonfuls of Love
2) Homemade With Love, AKA I Licked the Spoon
3) Just Here to stir the pot

Or opt for the darker spoon with no quote on it

📣UPDATE: We will now be packaging wooden spoons + spoon rests separately in orders to avoid damage. Due to the way they sit on the spoon rest, it is more prone to damage during shipping.

Includes both pieces OR opt to just get the spoon rest and NO spoon!

Choose your spoon too! Either a lighter wood spoon w/ quote "Cooking up spoonfuls of love" or a darker (semi thicker) spoon with no quote!

Choose from 5 styles
Life is Short...Lick the Spoon Cursive
Life is Short...Lick the Spoon Standard All Caps Style
Stirring the Pot...Like Usual
Blank Spoon Rest
Just Eat It

Made from Porcelain and Wood
Spoon Rest NEW: 7" L x 1/4" H x 4.5" (pan/round portion)
Wooded Spoon: 9.25" L

Several Wooden Spoon options or opt to not get the wooden spoon!
Can sell as a set or even split them up and sell individually for a higher profit!
Ribbon that ties the tag will vary from order to order depending on supplies.