Judith Rose Quartz Pendant Lights

$ 1,999.00 $ 2,199.00

Introduce a touch of luxury to your space with the Judith Pendant Lights, boasting dazzling rose quartz stones in a modern twist on the classic column pendant design. These eye-catching lights infuse your room with a soft, warm glow while serving as an impressive centerpiece.

Playing with texture and shape, these pendants exude a refined yet playful vibe, transforming traditional formality into something fresh and exciting. From jewel tones to warm pastels, these simple silhouettes work wonderfully with a myriad of styles, becoming a timeless focal point in any setting.

Available in a choice of materials - Rose Quartz pebbles as shown, white porcelain pebbles, or sea glass pebbles - these lights allow you to customize the look to suit your unique aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Materials: Choose from Rose Quartz pebbles, white porcelain pebbles, or sea glass pebbles for a customized look.
  • Innovative Design: A creative take on the classic column pendant design with an eye-catching use of luxurious gemstones.
  • Versatile: The simple silhouette allows these pendants to fit beautifully within a variety of décor styles.
  • Lead Time: Please allow a 3-6 weeks processing time.
  • Professional Installation Recommended: To ensure safety and optimal performance.

Embrace a modern, stylish aesthetic with our Judith Pendant Lights. Order yours today!


Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Open  3-6 weeks 20" 14"
Open  3-6 weeks 26" 18"
Open  3-6 weeks 26" 20"
Open  3-6 weeks 27" 22"
Open  3-6 weeks 27" 24"
Open  3-6 weeks 32" 30"





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