Cynthia - Sea Glass Nugget Open Chandelier

$ 1,599.00


Introducing the "Cynthia - Sea Glass Nugget Open Chandelier", our highest-selling, most popular product, now in a refreshed design featuring even more sea glass and less exposed metal framing. This masterpiece embodies the essence of the contemporary coastal look with its neutral colors and bright aqua  accents.

Handcrafted meticulously using beautiful sea glass pebbles in cooling hues of greens and turquoises, the Cynthia chandelier is a statement piece designed to bring a depth of tranquility to your home. This investment piece, timelessly stylish, will continually illuminate your interiors with a unique coastal charm.

Key Features:

  • Contemporary Coastal Design: Complementing neutral colors and clear bright sea glass perfectly encapsulate the modern coastal aesthetic.
  • Handcrafted Sea Glass: Meticulously curated sea glass pebbles in serene hues add depth and texture to the design.
  • Signature Features: The product comes complete with wrapped hemp banding and rods for a distinct, natural appeal.
  • Sea Glass Beads: Medium strand density of sea glass beads that sparkle with a cooling, aquatic charm.
  • Hardware: Comes with Silver Brush Nickel hardware for a sleek finish.
  • Processing Time: Expect a crafting time of 6-8 weeks for the perfect design.
  • Size Variations: Larger options are available to fit every space perfectly.
  • Sea Glass Nuggets: The chandelier features Aqua sea foam cultured sea glass nuggets beads with medium strand density.
  • Installation: Professional installation is recommended to ensure safe and correct setup.

Invest in a piece of timeless coastal elegance with the Cynthia - Sea Glass Nugget Open Chandelier and transform your living space into a serene coastal retreat. Order today!





Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Empire  6-8 weeks 26" 14"
Empire  6-8 weeks 30" 20"
Empire  6-8 weeks 35" 22"
Empire  6-8 weeks 35" 24"
Empire  12-20 weeks 42" 30"



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