Honey Wooden Bead Chandelier

$ 3,299.00 $ 3,499.00

Elevate your home decor with the intricate elegance of our Lace Pattern Two-Tiered Chandelier. Showcasing a mesmerizing lace pattern, this chandelier is adorned with custom honey wooden beads, cascading in two stunning tiers to create a sense of depth and luxurious charm.

Boasting a robust iron metal frame with a dark matte bronze finish, this chandelier perfectly complements the natural birch beads. Moreover, the chandelier can be customized with wooden beads in any color, enabling you to tailor it to your unique aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Lace Pattern: The chandelier's design mimics the delicacy and elegance of lace, creating a sophisticated, eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Custom Wooden Beads: Adorned with honey-colored birch beads, available in any color to suit your interior design theme.
  • Robust Iron Frame: The dark matte bronze finish of the sturdy iron frame beautifully contrasts the wooden beads, enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Size: The chandelier has an impressive diameter of approximately 32" and an overall height of 39", making it a striking focal point.
  • Material: Crafted with natural wooden birch beads with varnish, and a robust iron metal frame for durability and timeless appeal.

Experience the beautiful interplay of elegance and robustness with the Lace Pattern Two-Tiered Chandelier. Please note, professional installation is recommended for optimal safety and display. Add this custom piece to your home today!