Anton - White Turquoise Open Chandelier

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Introducing Anton - our White Turquoise Open Chandelier. Crafted with a modern interpretation of the classic bowl-style pendant light, Anton stands as a testament to contemporary elegance. Its unique design features a stunning array of cultured turquoise stone beads, each meticulously hand-finished to emanate an aura of richness and depth.

But the uniqueness of Anton doesn't stop at its turquoise stone beads. With its three supportive rods seamlessly integrated into the design (not shown), Anton harmoniously marries functionality with aesthetic, promising both stability and style.

Let Anton be the star of your dining area, casting a soothing, romantic light over your family meals and special occasions. Imagine the turquoise stones glistening subtly as you savor each moment. Or hang it in your foyer, where it will immediately command attention and set the tone for the rest of your home. Anton also makes a soothing addition to your bedroom, its soft light providing an intimate ambiance for relaxation.

Designed as an epitome of sophistication, Anton doesn't just light up your space; it transforms it, weaving its own narrative within your existing decor. Every strand of turquoise stone bead adds to the rich, vibrant tapestry of this chandelier, lending a touch of coastal elegance to your space.

Just like its classic inspiration, Anton thrives on simplicity yet refuses to compromise on grandeur.

White Turquoise stone beads shown- w/ medium strand density

Includes Wrapped Rods - NOT SHOWN

 Smaller options available. 

6 weeks processing

Professional installation recommended


Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Open  6 weeks 20" 14"
Open  6 weeks 26" 18"
Open  3-6 weeks 26" 20"
Open  6-12 weeks 27" 22"
Open  6-12 weeks 27" 24"
Open  6-12weeks 32" 30"





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