Annabella White Turquoise Empire Chandelier

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Introducing Annabella: A French Empire-inspired chandelier with a contemporary surprise, beautifully adorned with lavish white turquoise beads. Each detail of this piece, from its thoughtful design to the painstaking hand-finishing process, is undertaken to bring a profound depth and richness to the overall look.

But Annabella is not just about aesthetics; she's a mood-setter, an ambiance creator. Imagine hosting a dinner beneath her gentle light, the turquoise beads illuminating your dining space with a soft, romantic glow. Or envision her welcoming your guests with an air of grace and elegance in the foyer. She's also a charming addition to a bedroom, offering a luxurious statement and tranquil lighting for your intimate retreat.

This masterpiece is available in the soothing elegance of ivory turquoise. To cater to diverse space requirements, we offer Annabella in varying sizes, with the option shown here elegantly stretching to a 24” Diameter.

Delicately created over a 6-week period, every moment spent in crafting Annabella is a promise of exquisite quality and attention to detail. For those who desire the charm of Annabella on a smaller scale, we offer compact versions as well.

Showcased here with a medium strand density of white turquoise beads, each bead adds to her overall character and charm, evoking a sense of calm, just like the serene sea from which they originate. We recommend professional installation to ensure that Annabella is presented in the perfect light, adding to the beauty and sophistication of your decor.

Bring home Annabella – an embodiment of romantic elegance, and let her transform your ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Each flicker of light through her white turquoise beads will remind you of your excellent taste and the timeless elegance of your home.

6 weeks processing time 

Smaller options available. 

White Turquoise beads shown- w/ medium strand density

Professional installation suggested



Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Empire  8-12 weeks 26" 14"
Empire  8-12 weeks 30" 20"
Empire  8-12 weeks 35" 22"
Empire  8-12 weeks 35" 24"
Empire  8-12 weeks 42" 30"


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