Channing Golden Candelabra Chandelier

$ 249.00 $ 273.90

Experience luxury with a twist with our Golden Candelabra Chandelier.

This stunning chandelier, adorned with geometric interlocking circles of gold, is a real showstopper from every angle. Its central candelabra and matching golden arms bring a touch of opulence, making this a truly exceptional piece for those with discerning taste.

Key Features:

Distinct Design: Features unique geometric gold circles that interlock to create an eye-catching silhouette.
Craftsmanship: Artfully handcrafted with remarkable attention to detail.
Ambient Glow: Offers an enchantingly warm and inviting illumination to any room.
Lead Time: Handmade to perfection, ready for installation within 3-6 weeks.
Dimensions: Compact yet striking, with dimensions of 19" D x 19" H.
Add a splash of gold and grandeur to your home with our Golden Candelabra Chandelier. Elevate your living space and order yours today!

Boast your love of the unique and glamorous with our Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier.

It’s a true head turner no matter which angle you look at it. A shimmering golden frame geometrically shaped with a center candelabra and matching gold arms makes this chandelier a decadent option for any homeowner.

Key Features

  •  Unique geometric framing with golden accents detailing the look
  •  Handmade with amazing attention to detail
  •  Offers a wonderfully enchanting glow to any room
  • Leadtime 3-6 weeks
  • 19" D x 19" H

Make your home come alive with our Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier and order yours today!