Channing Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier

$ 249.00 $ 273.90

Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier 

Boast your love of the unique and glamorous with our Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier.

It’s a true head turner no matter which angle you look at it. A shimmering golden frame geometrically shaped with a center candelabra and matching gold arms makes this chandelier a decadent option for any homeowner.

Key Features

  •  Unique geometric framing with golden accents detailing the look
  •  Handmade with amazing attention to detail
  •  Offers a wonderfully enchanting glow to any room
  • Leadtime 3-6 weeks
  • 19" D x 19" H

Make your home come alive with our Golden Geometric Candelabra Chandelier and order yours today!