Coastal Interiors: Must-Have Decorating Elements

Coastal Interiors: Must-Have Decorating Elements

Whether you're decorating your entire home or simply adding a few coastal accents, incorporating these elements into your space will help you create the serene and calming atmosphere you desire. With a touch of light and airy colors, textured fabrics, natural materials, and a beautiful sea glass chandelier, your home will become a peaceful oasis that you can enjoy every day.

Resort-Inspired Style

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Who needs to jet off to an exotic locale to feel the vacation vibes? Make it happen at home with spa-worthy baths, vibrant island hues, rattan galore, and breezy porches that beg for a fruity umbrella drink.

Learn About Sea Glass

Sea glass and beach glass are similar but come from two different types of water. "Sea glass" is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt...
March 07, 2015 — DeLorean Johnson