Jeffrey Iron & Wood Chandelier

$ 209.00 $ 229.90

Jeffrey Iron & Wood Regal Cream Chandelier

Create classical ambiance in any open foyer, living room, or bedroom with the Jeffrey Iron & Wood Regal Cream Chandelier.

These stunning small chandeliers come in a variety of dazzling style options that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your home's interior. The elegant framing and open space offered by these chandeliers are certain to enchant your home beautifully.

Key Features

  • Unique inspired framing in a stunning cream color tone
  • Handmade with amazing attention to detail
  • Offers a wonderfully enchanting glow to any room
  • Leadtime 3-6 weeks
  • 16" D x 17" H

Detail your humble abode with the Jeffrey Iron & Wood Regal Cream Chandelier and order yours today!