Celeste - Sea Glass Nuggets Empire Chandelier

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Introducing our revamped design of the popular Celeste Sea Glass Chandelier - now featuring an abundance of sea glass and a minimalistic metal frame for a more harmonious aesthetic.

Inspired by the timeless French Empire style, this chandelier seamlessly incorporates a modern, bohemian twist, replacing traditional clear jewels with mesmerizing cultured sea glass beads. With their tranquil bluish-green tint and opaque luster, these beads cast a soothing glow that instills a sense of calm energy and rich sophistication in your home.

The chandelier's structure is enhanced with rope-wrapped rods, from which the sea glass beads gracefully dangle, reinforcing its connection to the sea. To add a touch of elegance, a delicate tassel adorns the chandelier, enhancing its overall allure and the beauty it imparts to your living space.

Key Features:

- Innovative Design: Revitalized with more sea glass beads and less exposed metal, enhancing its serene sea-inspired aesthetic.
- Unique Beads: The Cultured Sea Glass Nugget beads, slightly larger than Sea Glass Pebbles, capture light beautifully, creating a captivating, gentle glow.
- Processing Time: Artfully handcrafted and ready for installation within 8-12 weeks.
- Professional Installation: Due to its unique design and materials, we recommend professional installation for a safe and correct display.

Elevate the ambiance of your living space with the captivating Celeste Sea Glass Chandelier - a testament to exquisite design and craftsmanship. Order yours today!

8-12 weeks processing time 

Cultured Sea Glass Nugget beads are slightly larger than the Sea Glass Pebbles  w/ medium strand density

Professional Installation Recommended 



Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Empire  7-10 weeks 26" 14"
Empire  7-10 weeks 30" 20"
Empire  8-10 weeks 37" 24"
Empire  8-12 weeks 44"


Empire  12-20 weeks 51"  36"




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