Camille Vintage Glass Shade Chandelier

$ 409.00 $ 449.90

Introducing the Camille Vintage Glass Shade Chandelier - a stunning masterpiece that turns your home into a dreamy palace of elegance.

Boasting a magnificent blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics, the Camille Chandelier features an eye-catching mirrored mercury glass in an alluring oval shapes. This design not only enhances the room's illumination but also doubles as a unique décor piece, drawing admiration from all who behold it.

Prepare for a flood of compliments as the exquisite charm of the Camille Vintage Glass Shade Chandelier leaves an unforgettable impression on anyone who steps into its radiant glow.

Key Features:

- Exquisite Design: Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, making each chandelier unique and unparalleled.
- Enchanting Illumination: Casts a captivating light that transforms any room into a warm and inviting space.
- Processing Time: Carefully created and ready for installation within 3-6 weeks.
- Dimensions: Measures an impressive 25" in diameter and 42" in height, perfect for creating a grand statement.

Transform your living space with our Camille Vintage Glass Shade Chandelier, a timeless investment in beauty and elegance. Order yours today!

Key Features

  • Handmade with amazing attention to detail
  • Offers a wonderfully enchanting glow to any room
  • Leadtime 3-6 weeks
  • 25" D x 42" H

Decorate your home with our Camille Vintage Glass Shade Chandelier and order yours today!