Our recipe of quality and design excellence... craftsmanship, precision,
materials, high quality, unique design, extraordinary product capabilities, & innovation.


The Au Courant Interiors brand performs at an experiential level delivering a superior customer experience. Our brand represents a chic and timeless design. Ingredients like cultured sea glass beads and turquoise stone beads require exceptional human expertise to assemble our chandeliers. Each chandelier is handcrafted with the highest quality that constraints the mass production of our products, a major difference from the industry standard.


Our contemporary yet casual appeal to lighting is both innovative and crucial for enduring custom lighting trends. Therefore, our custom luxury beaded chandeliers are the most desirable for the seasons upcoming  trends. We create a world and an aura that is truly exceptional.


copy revised 08/15/2014


July 26, 2014 — DeLorean Johnson