Chloe - Clear/ White Empire Chandelier- 10% ASDF Charity

$ 699.00 $ 799.00


Introducing a peek at the “Chloe” handcrafted beaded chandelier design provide a level of opulence fitted for a luxurious home at an excellent and more affordable price.

"Chloe" is a stunning white and clear acrylic beaded Empire style chandelier.
By selecting the “Chloe” chandelier you will continue receive Au Courant Interiors sophisticated style and top quality products but at an affordable price with faster processing. Also, 10% of the sale from all “ Chloe” chandeliers will be donated to the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Foundation.

Professional installation suggested


 6 weeks

Style Processing Time Variation-Overall Height Variation -  Diameter Size
Empire  6 weeks 26" 14"
Empire  6 weeks 30" 20"
Empire  6 weeks 35" 22"
Empire  6 weeks 35" 24"
Empire  6 weeks 42" 30"


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